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ShoMe AI finds and organizes how-to resources from YouTube, TikTok, X, and blogs, so you can find exactly the info you need.
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Our curation saves you time

It's weirdly hard to find the information you need on Google. Search engine optimization, content marketing, and AI have flooded the internet with trash. We screen trash out and awesome content in using three curation principles.

All of the content we recommend comes from operators with recent success – everyone speaks from their own experience.


We only serve content that gives you detailed info about how to do something – no fluff, no vague advice.

Fits You

We go a level deeper to figure out if content is current and relevant to your situation – we're not just serving the most popular basics.


Built by true believers in learning

ShoMe was founded in 2021 by Mindy McTeigue to push back against the idea that adults quit their skill development goals due to laziness or limited natural ability.

Instead, our team believes that learners get stuck because learning online is still incredibly hard. Hard to find what you need, hard to know what you don't know, hard to tell if you're on the right track.

ShoMe's mission is to empower learners globally by make online learning easier and more reliably effective. To us, this means putting the best content in one place, planning start-to-finish learning journeys, and building a stellar suite of learner support. Interested? We've love to hear from you.

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