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ShoMe finds and organizes high quality how-to resources from YouTube, TikTok, X, and blogs, so you can find answers to your fundraising questions.
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Tactical know-how gets you funded

Example intro email = good tactical info ✅
"Build a strong pitch" = not useful advice ❌
First time founders have a million small questions about fundraising: what's a reasonable valuation, how will you get intros, what do phrases can you use to get a second VC meeting? These questions require tactical answers.

We find resources that provide tactical info to answer your questions at each step of the raising process.
Online courses, Google, or ChatGPT fail when learners are told fluff and simple advice, rather than detailed tactical info that answers their questions based on best-practices and norms in the startup community.

Our difference is that we don't serve overly general advice or empty fluff, we serve concrete tactics.
Can’t find what you need using our search tool? Send us an email! We'll find you a resource by hand or ask our Slack community of operators.

Built by true believers in learning

ShoMe was founded in 2021 by Mindy McTeigue, in a rejection of the idea that adults quit their skill development goals due to laziness or limited natural ability.

Instead, our team believes that learners get stuck because learning online is still incredibly hard. Hard to find what you need, hard to know what you don't know, hard to tell if you're on the right track. Knowledge is gate-kept and learners are frustrated.

ShoMe's mission is to empower learners globally by make online learning easier and more reliably effective. To us, this means putting the best content in one place, planning start-to-finish learning journeys, and building a stellar suite of learner support. Interested? We've love to hear from you.


All about the search tool ❤️

Is it free?

Every user gets 10 searches for free each month! Upgrade to starter for $12.50/mo to keep searching.

We also offer beta users (who give us valuable feedback on our search results) *unlimited free searches.* Email to become a beta user.

Can I ask questions about that aren't about fundraising? 

Right now we only provide search results for questions about pre-seed and seed startup fundraising. If you've got a next category you'd love to see, email us at

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